The Agora is a more Mount Union-specific writing magazine worked on each Fall semester. Each year, the magazine takes on a theme voted upon by the Calliope staff. In previous years, the themes have been horror and dreams. The theme for 2015 is Greek Mythology. The magazine is named for the old Greek word "agora", which was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states where the artistic life thrived.

The submissions are sent in through a series of competitions that occur over the semester. Most of the events revolve around the theme in some way. For example, in 2015, some of the Greek Mythology competitions were as follows:

  • Chimera-thon
    "Create a bio for your own mythological creature that is a combination of two animals." Each participant had to bring in two animals to put into a pile, from which each participant could blindly draw.

  • Straight Outta Calliope: Dance to the Muse-ik
    "Write a parody of a popular song." The parody did not entirely have to involve Greek Mythology.

  • Un-Epic
    "Create your own epic of a very mundane event, such as waking up, shopping, eating, etc."

Unlike Calliope, most submissions to The Agora are published, due to the limited number of submissions. There are no cash prizes for publication to The Agora. All submissions are sent to the same location as Calliope (, since the magazines never overlap time periods.

If you have any questions about the magazine, please feel free to contact us.