The Moosepus

by Gabby Pishotti

The Moosepus is a rare creature that came into being after the Great Platypus Revolution in which platypus throughout the continent of Australia set out on the mission to add even more to their hodgepodge like genepool that confuses itself for a beaver, duck, and otter simultaneously. The moose, an unsuspecting species peacefully chewing on twigs in North America, were taken completely by surprise and were quickly overpowered by the venom of the vicious platypus Thus, the Moosepus was born.

Although gentle when left alone, the Moosepus transforms into a malicious predator when provoked, its antlers spewing venom when a threat emerges. The short bodied, large-headed creature resides in the mountainous region of Alaska yet embarks on a journey to the Illiamna Lake every three years to fulfill its nagging, semi-aquatic urges.