Flightless Bird: Icarus

by McKenzie Caldwell

I was an architect,

working for the wrong king,

building a ghastly maze

for his weird offspring.

Then when his daughter came,

I gave her a ball of string

And then her dad locked me

in with my half-wit son.


Have I found you?

Flightless bird, falling, screaming.

Or lost you?


Wax wings, burning.


Now, I know I told you

to stay far away

from the freaking sun.

I could be proud of a

son with common sense.  Lad,

don’t you know the sun’s

hot?  You’re twenty-one.

I told you to follow me.


Have I found you?

Flightless bird, splashing, sinking.

Or lost you?


Foolish boy—I’m sorry.

A Parody of the Song:

"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron & Wine