Jenga Pile

by Connor Funk

Back in the garage, with my buddies Jim and Yoda,

Got Beats on, and drank but Jim ain’t got no sense of joy, nah,

But he pulls a game out, and says “Hey, let me show ya,”

“You ain’t got no chance at winning, Ha ha!”


So I throw back my chair… Get my 6-pack out and start to shout,

“Why should I care? You think I’m 10 years old and I’ll start to pout?”

But then I start to stare, he’s stacking blocks on up my table now,

So I pull back hair, I sure hope it’s fair…


And there was 10 stacks of bars now,

I said “What now?” “GRAB!” “What about now?” “GRAB!!!”

And there’s still 10 stacks of bars now,

but it’s falling down… NOW! It hits the ground… NOW!

I throw my hands in sheer victory saying “OH, OH, OH, OH, Oooohhh….”

“.......That’s your jenga pile”

A Parody of the Song:

"Gangnam Style" by Psy