The Day of Birth

by Gabby Pishotti

You strut to the table with the confidence of a thousand gods burning beneath your flesh for you know you are amongst friends and kinsmen. Gifts wrapped in gold pile around thee – a testament to your honor and the admiration that shines for you throughout the Land. Lowering yourself to the table at which we had feasted only moments before, your eyes glow like embers from the reflection of the pyre sticks that sit before you that rest upon the confection that taunts us all. A treat so glorious that the miniature trolls that the wench who shares blood with thou’s mother brought with her slaver like beasts over mutton.

The lights surrounding us darken like a night empty of moon and stars, and your guests inhale, exhaling in song and merriment:

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear, Jeff

Happy birthday to you!

You extinguish the fire that dances before you with a breath mighty as a sea’s storm, while your father wields a sword forged from the blood and sweat of the blacksmiths of the Land and cuts into the sweet set before us.

Let us, yes indeed, let us now eat the cake that commemorates your birth – a day that will go down in history as epic.