Please enjoy all of the publications for The Agora 2014 edition. All of the publications come from the University of Mount Union; there were four competitions for publication, four pieces by the entire Calliope staff, and a conversation with two professors and a student. If you have any questions about this magazine, please feel free to check out The Agora information page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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Head in the Clouds

OBJECTIVE: A cut-and-paste inspired contest - participants brought in two sentences about two idifferent dreams they've had. These sentences were then split in half to make four parts, and those parts were switched around to make two completely difference sentences from which a poem was then built. The result is reminiscent of daydreaming, where you get those out-of-the-blue thoughts in your head that lead to other ones until you're not sure where your thought process first started. Doesn't that happen to you too when your head is in hte clouds? [NOTE: If someone has multiple submissions, they'll be on the same page.]

In My Wildest Dreams

OBJECTIVE: Dreams have no limits and often have no shame, taking our minds to some pretty weird places. For this contest, participants were given two sentences they had to incorporate into their stories: one at the beginning and one in the middle. What they built around it I'm sure challenges even some of your wildest dreams.

Staff Contests

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OBJECTIVE: A dream within a dream? Try a story within a story. Our staff did. Separated into groups, our staff wrote two separate stories adn then were tasked with combining them together. The end result... a tale that'd only be better if DiCaprio himself starred in it.

A Dream Deferred

OBJECTIVE: Often in dreams, your senses are dulled - no sight, no hearing, and usually no voice. For this contest we gave our staff members a taste of this only allowing them to contribute one word at a time to one collective story.


How Does a Writer Stay Motivated?

What serious student of writing doesn't ask that question? As children growing up, we are taught that artistry is like magic - a good writer is born with the ability to craft the perfect sentence, the great artist is born with a paintbrush in her mouth. But we all know this couldn't be further from the truth.

Good writing, good artistry, takes practice. And patience. And time. And perserverence. Somtimes life catches up to us, and we get really busy: busy with friends and family, busy with school and work. And all writers face rejection. It can be difficult to just keep writing. So, when we get a chance to pick the brains of successful writers, we jump in with both feet. Calliope editors recently made the time to interview three writers with ties to Mount Union, who are at varying places in their careers. The interview offers insight and helpful advice to all aspiring writers, beginning with that simple question: How do you stay motivated?

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