Please enjoy all the publications for The Agora 2015 edition. All of the publications come from the University of Mount Union; there were four competitions for publications and pieces by the entire Calliope staff. If you have any questions about this magazine, please feel free to check out The Agora information page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Sydney Breyer (May 4, 1997 - October 7, 2015) passed away during the creation of the 2015 edition of The Agora, so parts of this edition and the whole 2016 edition of Calliope are dedicated to her.


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As the Fates Would Have It

OBJECTIVE: Dictionary Roulette - for poets! Our writers opened their dictionaries and pointed to a series of different words. They were then tasked with creating a poem using only those words.


OBJECTIVE: Get ready to start running from these crazy creatures! Our writers were tasked with writing about hteir own mythological animal: a combination of two animasl picked out of a hat - and they're not all rabbits.

Straight Outta Calliope: Dance to the Muse-Ic

OBJECTIVE: No one knew how to party better than the gods, and what's a party without some music? Our writers chose one of their favorite hits and rewrote the lyrics, creating music even Terpsikhore would be bobbing her head to.


OBJECTIVE: The mundane tasks of our daily lives often seem to pale in comparison to the epics we read. However, that is of course all in how we perceive them.

Staff Contest: Mythical TV

Tasked with creating a mythology-based reality TV show, it wasn't difficult for our Calliope staff to stir up some drama between three of the most popular mythological, Olympian brothers.

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