Apology #975

by Matthew Gorman (Univ. Mount Union)

Second Place

I make one sandwich every 30 seconds

for 7.85 an hour, Monday through Sunday

working maximum hours for minimum wage.

Now on every second Wednesday

of every single month,

I have nowhere to go but the bank

to see that teller girl cash a

57-hour paycheck.

But what's the point of a full wallet

With an empty heart?

Seven and a half bucks here,

ninety-nine dollars there

were all meaningless amounts.

for a Tropical Sno conversation,

and a Columbus Zoo exploration,

topped with seeing Wicked.

Yes, meaningless amounts of indeed

for a pricelss moments to me.

It's been two weeks again

and I've done the math:

I've made 96-hundred sandwiches,

and 628 dollars.

But with you gone, it all just sits,

my love life and fun life is now just shit.

A girl can be expensive, and a woman even more

but you're the Angel who's worth all the world.

So what do you say?

Can I buy you dinner?

How about our just deserts?