No More Black Holes

by Matthew Gorman(Univ. of Mount Union)

She was a star surrounded by
a galaxy of Earths in black space,
omitting a constant stream of light
so that we may see
that simply being able to breathe isn’t living.
She was a beacon of light,
peaking through the black fog containing the
cluttered space in which we exist,
calling our attention to it, while
also making aware the presence
of the light – fading away –
in the turbulence of the gravity
encompassing it, or gaining energy,
faster than light’s speed,
we couldn’t tell; we couldn’t see.
She was a supernova waiting
to happen upon us all,

sharing semicolons with shooting stars passing by,

a self-proclaimed flight-risk with no attendant

wearing a blue bracelet with love written – carried – on her wrist,

now cold as the dark side of space,

She was an imploding supernova

only trying to explode a great light

to illuminate the darkening black galaxy around us,
to show us, let us see, it’s really filled
with an exuberance of Earths.
She was a supernova;
now, she is a neutron star.
to make sure she was strapped in by her seatbelt to stay,
where we can’t see the absence of the sun.