What is Calliope?

This question must be answered in two different ways:

1) The Calliope is the "literary publication of Mount Union." First appearing in 1954, the magazine has been published through the University of Mount Union. Works are submitted from universities all over Ohio, and are accepted from any undergraduate college in the state. Submissions can be sent in for Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction (CNF), Poetry, Art, and Drama. For more information on the magazine, please check the About Calliope page.

2) Calliope is an organization at Mount Union which judges, edits, and publishes the Calliope and The Agora magazines. For information on The Agora, please check the About The Agora page. For information on staff, feel free to check out our Staff page.

When does the organization meet?

All meetings are on Tuesdays at 9:00PM. However, meeting locations depend on the time of the year and events going on. If there is a contest for The Agora, Calliope meets in KHIC 035, the computer lab on the ground floor of the library. If we are editing, we meet in KHIC 003, which is in the basement of the library. It is best to contact one of our staff members or look around campus for fliers about events. If interested in joining, please let one of our members know so that we can add you to the email list.

Who can join Calliope?

There are no restrictions as to who can join Calliope. Most of the members major and/or minor in English or Writing. However, members also have majored in Physics, Mathematics, and History, etc. and minored in Computer Science, Music, and Japanese. Calliope prides itself in a diverse membership and we are always looking for others to expand our reach across majors.

Does it cost me anything to submit to Calliope or The Agora?

You're in luck! There is no cost to students to submit to either magazine. Any costs for publication are taken care of by the organization's budget. If you're lucky enough to place in the Calliope, you'll be awarded a cash prize.